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Created for Adult Competitive Players


In my 38 years of teaching tennis I have always wondered why tennis is the only team sport where no one teaches you the “plays.” I’ve dedicated my career to creating a doubles system for Adult Competitive Players. It’s called The Previdi System and it will help you to be more instinctive on the court while you develop a greater understanding of doubles. No longer will things just happen to you and your partner. You will be able to understand exactly where to be at all times, there will be no confusion about who takes which balls ( no overlapping responsibilities) and you will always know where your next shot go as well as where your partner is going to hit their next shot!

There’s no guesswork in The Previdi System. Like any team sport, I’m going to train you so that once you and your teammates learn The Previdi System, you will be able to play with any other team member and never have to be confused or unsure of what to do and how to play. The Previdi System is perfect for USTA teams because it lays a foundation for the entire team and allows everyone to be on the same page at all times.

Learn the answers to these common doubles problems:

How do we beat the lobbers?

Who takes the ball down the middle?

How do I serve and volley effectively all the time?

How do I develop variety on my return of serve?

How much poaching is too much poaching?

Learn this and much more with The Previdi System!