Never Lose To A Weaker Doubles Team Again!

If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times. “We lost to a weaker team. All they did was lob. Their serves were so soft we couldn’t return them. We never should have lost to them.” There are many different versions of the complaint but they all mean the same thing. Players feel they’re better than the teams they lose to and they have no idea how to change their results.

It’s important to clear something up right away. By definition, the team that wins is better! Instead of focusing on who’s weaker or stronger, identify why you’re losing to these teams and learn the skills you need to beat them every time!

In The Previdi System, our plays are set up to be successful against all teams but they work especially well against weaker teams.

When You’re Returning Serve

  • If you’ve done your drill progressions for the SAL return ( crosscourt mini tennis, Hourglass drill, SAL return drill), you should be able to execute these returns consistently, especially against weaker serves. ( You can find these videos at ).
  • The SAL returns will give you a big advantage when you’re returning serve and minimize the opponent’s ability to lob.
  • The offensive lob return will also be easy to execute against a weaker serve and will keep the server scrambling from one corner to the other while allowing you to get into optimum position to attack.
  • The inside-in return against a weak serve will be a major weapon because you’re hitting  aggressively in the direction of the net player from close range. Once again, you’re making your opponent’s pay for the weakness of their shots, not rewarding them for it.

Once you learn how to pick apart a weak team and exploit their weaknesses instead of falling prey to them, your days of losing to weaker teams (otherwise known as the lobbers) are over.

In the next blog post, we’ll help you to master serve and volley against weaker teams!

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