Your Attitude is Everything in Doubles...Choose the Right one!

February 23, 2020
Attitude is Everything in Doubles

No matter how long you play tennis, there are always lessons to be learned. Sometimes we have to learn the same lessons over and over again. Today I had one of those experiences and I wanted to share it with all of our followers.

    We have a great group of guys who love to play doubles as often as we can. Recently we've been playing Friday afternoon and Sunday morning. We switch partners often and the matches are all close and competitive, usually decided with a third set or 10 point tie-break (if time is an issue). 

    This morning we played two close sets and my partner and I lost both. Since there was plenty of time we played a third set. My partner and I got broken in the first game and our opponents held for 2-0. We decided that the problem was our attitude, not our playing. We needed to change our attitude or we were going to continue to be miserable and lose all three sets, something that rarely happens. Here's what we did to change our attitude:

    * We upped the energy level and played every point with tons of energy and excitement. We were going to enjoy this set since that was up to us, not our opponents.

    * We decided to be more aggressive. Our opponents had been hitting great volleys and returns of serve. The reason was they felt no pressure from us. They could choose their shot and just tee off on it. You can't allow good players to be that comfortable. Here's an example. My partner hit a good low return at the incoming servers feet. I crossed and crushed a winner. Guess what happened on the next four returns my partner hit to that opponent; two missed volleys and one more poach by me- on game point! 

    * We decided to be less whiny and stop focusing on what was going wrong. No matter what happened we were going to stay competitive and connected. Support and be there for each other. 

    * We were fearless and focused only on the next point and the next game. We were up 5-3 and my partner got broken. Instead of dwelling we virtually ran to the other side of the court. We knew we were going to break to win the set... and we did. 

    * The enjoyment of both partners is in direct proportion to their attitudes! If you are enjoying competing together you will play better every time!

    Everything we did better in the third set that had to do with hitting the ball happened because we improved our attitude. Our energy, enthusiasm and commitment overcame theirs. We willed ourselves to be better competitors, better partners and better players. You cannot and will not be successful in doubles without the right attitude. If you get that right, everything else will take care of itself. Will you always win, probably not but you will put yourself in the best position to be successful and your enjoyment of the game will increase tenfold. Remember, everything that happens in life and in doubles, especially difficult things, is an opportunity for growth and should be embraced. Now get out there and bring your best attitude.