Get To Know The Hunter And Helper In Doubles Tennis

Type:  Tip
Level:  2.5 - 5.0
Participation:  2-4 players

Topic:  In The Previdi System, the doubles partners have different roles and different names. The Hunter is directly in front of the ball when it's on the opponents side and The Helper is always crosscourt from the ball. The Hunter is always closer to the net and The Helper is always farther from the net so we're in a staggered formation.

EFFECT ON GAME:  Once a doubles team has mastered the roles, positioning and shot selection for Hunter and Helper, their teamwork will be seamless. There are no overlapping responsibilities so confusion is eliminated. We will effectively neutralize the most damaging shots the opponents can hit. Crosscourt lobs can't get over our heads, we have opportunity and responsibility on middle balls instead of confusion and we take away crosscourt angles. Stay tunes for more about Hunter and Helper in future videos!