Q. Where did the idea for a “system” originate?

When Bill Previdi was a college player (St. John’s University, New York), his coach often said that “ tennis (doubles) was the only team sport you will play where no one teaches you the plays.” When Bill began teaching professionally he felt that if he could come up with “plays” for his players it would take all the guesswork out of playing doubles and make players on a team interchangeable. Bill and Matt have been refining what has evolved intoThe Previdi System for the past 10 years.

Q. What levels is The Previdi System designed for?

The Previdi System is designed for the players we teach. Adult, competitive players between 2.0 and 5.0. The principles are universal and can be used by any level player but we wanted something for the players we teach, which addresses their strengths and weaknesses, needs and wants. We have also found that many players who have been playing for a long time are more reluctant to learn new things, even things that can benefit them.

Q. How does The Previdi System differ from the other doubles information I’ve read online?

Bill and Matt are tennis pros, not internet pros. We are in the trenches, teaching adult players every day. We know what we teach works because we see it every day. These drills and skills were developed while teaching so there’s no ivory tower here. We also are teaching you skills for your level, not based on how professional players play. The Previdi System is a comprehensive program, complete with everything you need to be successful. It’s not just a series of random tips either.

Q. How long will it take for me to learn and benefit from The Previdi System?

The beauty of The Previdi System is that you will start seeing improvement in your results the first day you implement it. We just got back from Tulsa where we taught over 200 players in six days. We had players running down on the court to tell us they had just won a match using what they had learned the day before! You’re learning how to set up points better so even if you have only learned a part of the entire system you will be getting match results right away.

Q. Do I need to change my strokes to learn The Previdi System?

No you don’t Unlike too many tennis pros, we know you have the strokes you need to get better results already. A question we always ask at our clinics is ,” Have you ever lost to someone with worse strokes than you?” Of course everyone says yes with a groan. We then ask them why they would still keep tinkering with their shots, grips, etc. if there is no correlation between strokes and results. It’s a liberating moment for our students.

Q. If we don’t have to change our strokes, what do we learn about shots in The Previdi System?

In The Previdi System, you need to learn shots for situations. We use drills to teach you to have more efficient strokes and we teach you shots for situations. For example, you need to be able to hit touch, angle volleys so we do The Touch Volley Progression to help you to learn this skill. There are a lot of examples of shots for situations in The Previdi System. You need to be able to execute all the shots to set up your points. Our drills and games will do that for you.

Q. Can you give me the two most important things that The Previdi System will teach me?

The two most import qualities you can have in your game are accuracy and consistency. If you make all of your shots and hit them where you want them to go, you can beat anyone. Accuracy and Consistency are the vore principles of The Previdi System.


Q. Can we take Previdi System classes with the Previdis?

We provide Previdi System group drills all over the United States.  Please check our UPCOMING EVENTS on the home page, or go directly to our EVENTS CALENDAR to see if we will be coming to a location near you.  If you do not see dates or locations in your area, you can contact us about having the Previdis come to your town.  Please check in with your club, organization, or groups to see if there will be enough interest in hosting our Previdi System classes.