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The Crosscourt Mini Tennis Drill

Type:  Drill
Level:  2.5 - 5.0
Participation:  2-4 players

Topic:   Crosscourt Mini Tennis is the first drill and the foundation drill of The Previdi System.  Most of our other drills build directly on this drill. Four players are at the service line rallying crosscourt inside the service box while focusing on efficiency and a consistent contact point.

EFFECT ON GAME:  In order to be accurate and consistent, we need to be efficient and have a consistent contact point. The sooner we can hit the ball, especially on the return of serve, the lower we can keep it and the more angle we can hit, thus setting us up with the SAL Return. By mastering this drill you will be in a position to hit balls earlier, lower and with more angle and put your opponents consistently in "Jail".