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2 On 1 Serving Team Vs. Receiver Drill

Type:  Tip
Level:  2.5 - 5.0
Participation:  None

TOPIC: This is another classic Previdi System drill and will help the serving team to work on isolating the receiver ( until they can attack the partner). By keeping the ball on one side of the court until the Hunter can attack, the serving team doesn't have to move or scramble. They control play. For the receiver it's a great game because many points they don't get a chance to set up their partner so they must go it alone. We want the receiver coming in on the return and looking for openings for their second shot ( preferably "jail). 

EFFECT ON GAME: All players will develop great skills and instincts in this drill (game). When you're in a match playing points you will have great court vision and a sense of what to do next that will be ingrained. No thinking, just reacting!