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The Positioning And Hitting Parameters In Doubles Tennis

Type:  Tip
Level:  2.5 - 5.0
Participation:  None

TOPIC: Doubles is a team sport and like any team sport, there need to be parameters for positioning and shot selection so we can work as part of the team and avoid surprises or randomness. 

EFFECT ON GAME:  If you know where to be, where to hit your next shot and , most importantly, where your partner is going hit their next shot, you will become a successful doubles team and win most, if not all of your matches. Once you've established your parameters and know the "plays" instinctively, you won't have to think you will be able to react quickly and without hesitation. Everyone on your USTA team will be able to play doubles with any other member of your team and there will be no confusion or learning curve. Your team will have a huge advantage over all other teams you play.