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Why Jail Is So Important In Doubles Tennis

Type:  Tip
Level:  2.5 - 5.0
Participation:  None

Why Jail Is Important from Billy Previdi on Vimeo.

TOPIC: The term "JAIL" in The Previdi System, refers to hitting your return Short, Angled and Low. Hitting your return SAL and putting your opponent in JAIL will help you control points in your doubles matches.

EFFECT ON GAME:  When your doubles team is able to put your opponents in JAIL, you will limit their ability to lob, to hit passing shots and you will create space between your opponents for your next shot. It will allow you and your partner to get in optimal attacking position and enable you to stay on the offensive during the point. Your opponents will get frustrated because you're taking away their ability to hit their favorite shots. They'll be playing defensive tennis at all times!