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Disruption Series Part 2 - The Receiving Game

In the 90 Day Doubles Diet we want our players to constantly put pressure on their opponents with their returns. We want to attack their weaknesses and exploit the things they never practice. In doubles at all levels, a majority of returns go crosscourt. We want you to have a three pronged attack; crosscourt (specifically taking the ball right off the bounce and attacking the net), lob over the net player and hard at the opposing net player. The latter two are underused and not practiced enough, thus the opponents have no answers to these returns and most players aren't confident enough to use them. In this video we explain the mindset and techniques needed to consistently make these returns and when to choose them. Here at The Previdi System we want you to be prepared to use these returns and to defend against them. Once you've watched this video and use the drills in the Diet, you will be attacking your opponents weak spots instead of playing into their strengths and you will always be ready when your opponents try to disrupt you.